Natalie's birth story: Intro (part two)

I found out that I wad pregnant in late April 2006 and hoped and prayed that the baby wouldn’t be due too early â?? the midwife I wanted to work with, Brenda Ramler, would only be available for births due after Jan. 15.

Our due date was Jan. 16.

Brenda and I had a good laugh. I took it as reassurance from God that we would indeed have a home birth â?? if all continued to go well. Somehow, home birth had become a deep desire. Ultimately, I wanted a safe and healthy birth no matter where we ended up, and I knew that our midwife would keep me and Bret accountable for educating ourselves.

Besides requiring that we attend a childbirth class â?? preferably a 12-week Bradley Method course â?? Brenda had a list of required reading that covered midwifery, home birth, and pregnancy health.

The six books I read were: Gentle Birth Choices, Birth Reborn, Home Birth, The American Way of Birth, Special Delivery, and The Nursing Mother’s Companion. I also read The Pregnancy Bible (which is not a study Bible for expecting mothers!). Bret also read The Birth Partner. I’d recommend most of those books to anyone interested in reading about natural birth and the gradual medicalization of labor and delivery.

The required reading combined with the Bradley class and Brenda’s long and personal prenatal checkups helped Bret and I feel pretty darn prepared for Natalie’s birthday. (By the way, we did not find out the sex of our baby until she was born.)

At long last, the day arrived… be continued.

Andrea, Thursday 17 May 2007 at 3:09 pm No comments
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