Natalie's birth story: Intro (part one)

I first heard about midwifery, home birth, and water birth during a human sexuality class at Cal Poly. Brenda Ramler, a local licensed midwife, came to our class and gave a presentation--including videos--on natural childbirth and options beyond hospital birth. Her presentation resonated with me at the time, though I was far away from even considering getting pregnant and giving birth.

Midwives, women who care for expectant mothers throughout pregnancy--focusing on education and active involvement in the pregnancy and childbirth--and attend births, that concept made sense to me. I mentally filed the information away and went about the business of graduating, getting a job, and getting married.

A few years after I graduated, I came across Brenda’s name again. I was a reporter for the Santa Maria Sun knee-deep in research on postpartum depression, and the midwife’s name came up as a possible source on the subject. I interviewed her and again went on my merry way.

Brenda’s name came up again through friends at our church who’d hired her for their pregnancy and birth. Brenda eventually spoke to a group of us young women who had questions about contraception, natural birth, and other reproductive issues.

As Bret and I approached our ideal time to start trying to get pregnant (having been married for nearly five years), we began talking more about having a home birth. It took lots of research and candid conversations with Brenda before Bret and I were totally on the same page regarding home birth. His concerns mostly focused on my health and safety and the inevitable â??what ifâ? questions.

We learned that birth is a natural process that the human body is undeniably equipped for. Provided I didn’t have any serious risk factors in pregnancy, I wanted to do everything I possibly could to bring our baby into the world naturally. Bret and I also felt that hospitals are established for emergency situations and special interventions to prevent full-blown emergencies. Normal birth is not a medical problem. I didn’t want any drugs or unnecessary interventions, so home birth seemed not only like the most natural option, but the most peaceful one…

... to be continued

Andrea, Monday 14 May 2007 at 8:33 pm two comments
Flo, (Email ) (URL) - 15-05-’07 17:15

I want to hear the rest!!!!!!!!!!

Tina Nenno, (Email ) - 07-01-’10 00:57

WHere is Brenda Ramler now. I am a past client (1986 and 1990). Just started looking for her since my daughter (1986) is having her first baby.. Can you please send me an email or phone number.. Thanks

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